Reimagine Fitness Center 

Reimagine Fitness is a fully inclusive and accessible therapeutic rehabilitation and exercise center featuring state-of-the-art fitness therapies, technologies and equipment designed to accommodate different rehabilitation and functional needs and goals.

At Reimagine Fitness, the physical, mental and social well-being of our diverse member community is our primary focus. Our therapeutic fitness coaches work collaboratively with individual exercisers to develop personalized goals and treatment plans that promote optimal fitness and whole-body health.

Wherever you may be on your personal fitness path, we support your journey through education, one-to-one coaching and personalized workout programming in a supportive and encouraging environment. Plus, we welcome the opportunity to partner with outside providers on any medical or other recommendations to optimize individual goals and treatment plans.

One centralized resource to optimize your fitness goals, including:

–   8,000 square foot sunlit and spacious facility located in central Santa Ana

–   Cybex, SciFit, NuStep and TRX adaptive fitness equipment and tools for improving strength, balance, mobility, flexibility and independence

–   Custom-designed individual and class workouts, plus progress tracking

–   Experienced, supportive staff to promote overall body fitness and well-being

–   Nutritional education and physical activity recommendations

–  State-of-the art HVAC system

– UV lighting sanitation

– Disinfectant fogging and touchless amenities

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