Participant Spotlight: Margaux’s Reimagine Story

Participant Spotlight: Margaux’s Reimagine Story

When Margaux, now a 21-month-old Reimagine participant, was just three months old her pediatrician first noticed the identifying qualities in her eyes that would be diagnosed as aniridia, an eye disorder characterized by a complete or partial absence of the iris, which causes severe vision impairment and light sensitivity.

When Margaux’s family was first informed about aniridia, their instinct was to be very protective of Margaux. As first-time parents, her mother and father focused on the importance of preserving the vision that Margaux does have, while learning how to handle the discomfort of people noticing the way that Margaux’s aniridia sometimes causes her eyes to shake. As they navigated the first few months after her diagnosis, they held Margaux close, often staying home to protect her eyes from the sun and to avoid the uncomfortable feelings that came with being out in the community with her.

Margaux’s parents were introduced to Reimagine and its Child Development Program through Margaux’s teacher for the visually impaired, who believed that Margaux would benefit from the program’s rich mix of therapist and peer interaction. Margaux’s parents decided to brave life outside their home and enroll Margaux in Reimagine’s twice-weekly early intervention class. The experience has been transformational for Margaux and her family. Margaux loves going to Reimagine, where her days include a fun rotation from room to room with other children in her program. Margaux is the smallest and youngest, but she’s fearless. In fact, Margaux’s teachers and therapists note that she has become very social and likes to connect with the other students by sitting or standing close to them and smiling. Margaux has embraced learning, always attempting to do everything she is asked, including art and gross motor activities.

Margaux is continually attaining new skills through her physical, speech and occupational therapies, as well as work with a mobility and orientation professional who specializes in helping children with vision impairment. Her parents have noticed major strides in Margaux’s ability to confidently navigate a space, and understanding her environment, such as where a wall ends, or how much space to leave between herself and the teacher during story time.

Margaux was initially apprehensive about getting on certain pieces of equipment during physical therapy, like the mini trampoline and the spinning chair. After a few tries and lots of encouragement, Margaux now loves playing on the trampoline so much that her grandmother purchased one for her to use at home. Similarly, she is now comfortable in the spinning chair and likes to spin other students in it.

Best of all, Margaux is forming a delightful personality, chatting sweetly in a mix Spanish and English and showing empathy for others when they are upset by coming up to them to show them gentle support. Seeing these wonderful personal qualities growing in Margaux has proven to be a true gift to her parents as they start looking ahead to their daughter’s future with pride and excitement instead of uncertainty and fear.

Serving children ages 12 to 36 months, Reimagine’s Child Development Program is designed to close the gap in readiness among children of pre-school age with vision impairment, physical disabilities, and developmental/intellectual delays and disabilities. For more information on Reimagine’s child development programs, click here.

Achieve Physical Therapy Goals

Achieve Physical Therapy Goals

Participants Strive to Achieve Physical Therapy Goals During the Pandemic

Even with stay-at-home orders over the past year, some participants who had been receiving physical therapy (PT) from Reimagine have found ways to make progress when they couldn’t attend in-person PT sessions, while others have been working hard in-center in recent months to regain lost ground.

Reimagine provides PT services for all levels of physical functionality to participants with intellectual/developmental, neurologic and/or other physical disabilities – all tailored to the unique needs of each individual. Participants have customized plans and goals, so whether a participant wants to increase functionality, be more upright or gain independence, our therapists craft a plan to get them there.

When the COVID-19 pandemic stay-at-home orders forced Reimagine to halt all in-center physical therapy for six months. PT participants went without direct, hands-on therapy, treatment, and physical guidance from licensed therapists. Some participants did their best to try to keep up with their exercises at home.

In September 2020, Reimagine was able to begin providing in-person PT on an appointment basis. It took about two months for returning participants to get back to baseline – and now these participants are demonstrating significant improvement. Some participants who weren’t walking in September, now are! Upon initial return to in-person PT, the level of de-conditioning was evident and significant. Reimagine’s physical therapists worked diligently and patiently with each participant to get them back to baseline and beyond.

Here are just a few of our PT participant success stories:

C.S, 57, has Multiple Sclerosis, Head Injury and Quadriplegia
Goal: To continue exercising and increasing her range of motion to allow for more independence with daily activities and enhance her quality of life.
C.S. began receiving therapy services from Reimagine in April 2017. After lockdown, C.S returned to PT weak and short of breath. She needed a lot of manual assistance from two therapists just to take a couple of steps at a time. Now, she does several laps up and down the parallel bars – a distance of 12 feet each way!

Hugo, 42, has a C5 injury to his spinal cord
Goal: To increase his strength to allow for standing, walking without assistance and better range of motion
Hugo was very motivated and a super hard worker. He attempted to continue his PT program at home; but lacked the guidance and equipment to sustain his progress. When he returned for in-center PT, Hugo could only complete four laps on the parallel bars. He has since doubled his distance and will be advancing to an assistive device like a walker or a cane soon.

Edwin, 36 age, intellectual/development disability, cerebral palsy
Goal: To improve mobility to keep up with his active, four-year-old daughter
Confined to a wheelchair and largely immobile, Edwin was unable to stand and could barely crawl when he began receiving PT at Reimagine in July 2019. Now he can stand for several minutes at a time and is developing greater strength in his legs. Edwin is a great example of what hard work can achieve.

We celebrate the progress of all our PT participants 

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