Children’s Services

As a parent, your child’s development during the first few years is critical to understanding if there is a need for additional support. When children are not reaching expected milestones and are showing a significant delay in development, Reimagine is here to support you through
our Early Intervention program.

Reimagine’s Early Intervention services provide the resources and supports that enhance your child’s skills in the five key developmental domains which include: physical, cognitive, social-emotional, language and fine motor skills development. We provide comprehensive therapies during the child’s first three years of life which can mitigate the effects of developmental delays by identifying those factors that create barriers to progress.

Our young participants are supported individually and in groups through a range of activities and experiences designed to close the gap in readiness among children of preschool age. Each day we strive to be a state-of-the-art resource, supplying optimal space, training and support through a well-rounded curriculum designed to aid cognitive and social development.

  • Children ages 12-36 months
  • Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy
  • Positive play and motor skills support
  • Personal care and nutrition
  • Cognitive Development through play
  • Sensory-based therapies, activities and recreational equipment to address processing challenges and common anxieties
  • Art and Creativity
  • Interdisciplinary team including Occupational Therapist, Physical Therapist, Speech Therapist, and Early Intervention Specialist
  • Learning in the natural environment
  • Parent education workshops
  • Positive behavior support
  • Inclusive environment
  • Family-professional partnership