Reimagine Volunteering with Us! 

Volunteers are at the heart of Reimagine’s mission of pursuing possibilities for our participants. By sharing your time, you help our participants connect to new opportunities while giving back to a community that welcomes your support. Volunteer individually or through a group activity; the possibilities are limitless! 

INDIVIDUALS – Weekday Individual Volunteer Opportunities & Skilled Volunteers 

Do you have time during the week to spend with us in Santa Ana or Fullerton? Contact Jake Olson, for more information and to schedule an orientation. 

Daytime 9 AM – 3 PM 

  • Culinary Teaching Kitchen Nutritional Program 
  • Seniors Seated Exercise & Wheel Chair Swing Activities Reading Groups 
  • Arts & Crafts Classes Children’s Classes & Activities 

After Hours / Evenings 4 PM – 7 PM (coming in July 2022) 

  • Game/Movie Nights 
  • Monthly Dinner Night 
  • Occasional Weekend Field Trips

Skilled Volunteers  – Are you skilled in a particular area such as art, jewelry-making, yoga, Zumba, knitting/crocheting, hair, and makeup? As a professional, can you offer a special activity such as a dental hygiene workshop or massage therapy? We need you!  

Special Public EventsFrom registering guests at galas to supporting advocacy activities, our volunteers are the spark of every successful event.  If you would like to help, contact Jake Olson, .

Are you interested in applying to be an individual program volunteer or need more information?  Contact Jake Olson, .

You can also click here to apply now!

GROUPSGroup Volunteer Projects are great team-building activities! 

Corporate and Community groups of up to 20 people can join us for various projects on campus in Santa Ana and in Fullerton. If you are interested in setting up a Done-In-A-Day Project, please contact Jake Olson, 

  • Gardening: Bring learning to life by helping us grow our garden! 
  • Computer Workforce Development Classes (social media, resumes, money management) 
  • Holiday Parties & Arts Projects (Valentines Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Year-End Celebrations) 


Our Board of Directors works closely with staff leadership on accomplishing broad strategic goals and financial objectives, keeping our organization responsive and healthy. Members generally serve two 3-year terms, with an optional third term. Board members serve on various Board committees that meet regularly to advance our mission through care and oversight.