Lifelong Learning:
Meeting each person where they are.

From young participants just out of high school to mid-life adults and seniors, Reimagine provides the environment, as well as curricula designed to align with each student’s learning journey. In on-site and community settings, we develop personalized plans and administer ongoing developmental supports.

Focusing on the specialized needs of our neurologically and physically challenged participants, Reimagine’s approach:

  • Combines proven practices with innovation; adapting projects and experiences to personal styles of learning to achieve greater independence and satisfaction
  • Stresses partnership with each person, their family, physician, and their community; working together to maintain one’s optimal capacity
  • Supports adults in accessing higher education at local community colleges and in classes at two Reimagine campus locations.
  • Includes subjects from computer literacy to career exploration to health and fitness
  • Encourages learners to expand their horizons and abilities toward achieving personal, educational and vocational goals

Independent Living Skills Services

  • Hands-on training with housekeeping
  • Advocacy
  • Health and medical
  • Meal preparation
  • Fitness and nutrition
  • Home and community safety
  • Socialization
  • Benefits management
  • Money management
  • Shopping in natural environments
  • Much more…